Brick Movies for use in GarageBand Film Scoring Projects


Deserted– an abandoned Lego man must find his way back to the Lego pile before it’s too late!

Ninja Thief– This ninja gets a wake up call.

Teahouse Trouble– Kung-fu…LEGO style!


Deep_Space– a short film about two guys who discover an alternate universe in their bathroom

All in a Day’s Work– Just a typical day for an Intergalactic Garbage Man…



Lionheart’s Birthday– What happens to a knight on his birthday?


All of the Dead– The dead will rise in this scary mummy film!

The Abandoned Horror– a 1950’s style black and white monster movie


Soccer_Maniac– craziness ensues at a soccer match


Th Carwash– a short tale about a car wash that turns into an amusing disaster

The Painter– a funny short film about a painter who just can’t seem to get it right

The Letter– a man is having a hard time trying to deliver his letter

TurkeyDay– a Thanksgiving holiday with some funny twists


Legoredo– a typical Western in Lego-style with a shootout between some grizzly cowboys!


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