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Melody Street hits a Home Run with K-2!

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Melody Street hits a Home Run with K-2!

Posted on 19 January 2011 by urbanmusiceducation.org

I just had to post today to share my success with a new website, MelodyStreet.com that I decided to try out on my K-2’s this week. It was the first time I had Kindergarten and first grade in my music tech lab and it was a great opportunity to show them the ropes so we can start learning centers this spring. I found out about Melody Street from the MENC online newsletter. The site is entirely interactive and intuitive for even my youngest students with Games, Videos, Radio, Printables(for home since I don’t have a printer) and even an online book that the kids can virtually turn the pages while it reads to them! I showed this to my reading specialist and she loved it!;) The vibrant characters on the site are all members of the Orchestra (Tommy Trumpet, Heidi Horn, etc.) and they hang out with a real kid named Ethan, who is quite the young pianist!

One stumbling block you might have with Melody Street is that it is entirely Flash-based, so loading might be a problem with some older computers and slower connection speeds. My lab was able to handle it, though and the kids were not too upset if something froze and we had to reload the page. I did do a demo of the site with K and 1st just to make sure they could see me clicking where I wanted them to go, but 2nd seemed to have no problems just exploring all on their own. This has been such a great BREAK from the “entertainment” style teaching I am used to (AKA being “ON” 100% of the time!) I could actually sit at my desk a few times and work on other things while the kids worked quietly! The response was SO positive, too. I know I will have kids begging to do it again when we get back next week.

Anyway, I would recommend this link to anyone with a computer in their music room, or kids at home when they are bored. It’s a wonderful alternative to some of the stupid game sites that are out there and is really appealing to the younger crowd.


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