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RSS woes… Podcasting experts please help!

Posted on 08 February 2009 by urbanmusiceducation.org

Alright blogosphere readers, I have a confession to make. I am sincerely confused with RSS. After creating a feed for this blog, I decided to included some podcasts, as you may have already seen, and though I’m probably going about the process backwards, I thought it would be fairly easy to figure out how to syndicate them. WRONG! Turns out there is no decipherable information for even the craftiest of DIY bloggers like myself, and after sorting through a zillion FAQ’s and support forums to get a feed for my Podcast page I finally gave up and just decided to post my Podcasts in posts on this page since it already has a feed and is burned through FeedBurner (which formats podcasts nicely and automatically!). I guess then I will just also add them to the podcast page when I get them done. I tried submitting the feed to iTunes and it’s in the process of being evaluated, so cross you fingers folks and look for the upcoming podcasts to appear there soon!

UPDATE 1:02am: RSS has driven me absolutely insane. I found PodOmatic through James Frankel‘s site, and decided impulsively that I should try it, even though this involved moving my podcasts to a separate location than my blog. That’s what I wanted in the first place anyway, so it could have its own feed. Anyway, I created the PodOMatic account and got my blogs over there, found this documentation on “Changing Podcasts in iTunes” and hit a brick wall again…Turns out, you have to go in and edit the XML for your RSS feed in order for iTunes to redirect traffic from the old feed to the new one. Problem is, WordPress uses PHP files and I couldn’t locate the source rss2.xml file ANYWHERE!! I have been woring on this for 3 hours and decided I’d just ask iTunes to remove the old podcast(only 3 hours old!) and re-submit the new one. HA! not that easy…. I fill out the “Report a Concern” form on iTunes and it gives me a page that basically said “Thanks for your request to remove the podcast, but all you have to do is add this XML code to your RSS file…and your podcast will be blocked from being shown in our directory”. ARGH! That leaves me at square one, not knowing whether my new PodOMatic podcast will even make it into iTunes, and not knowing how to edit the RSS file for that if I even needed to,  and dealing with this WordPress issue of not knowing how to edit the source PHP files if I need to also. I didn’t realize when I got into this that I’d have to essentially have to have a degree in computer coding languages! I mean, geez, html and even xml aren’t that difficult to decipher, BUT I’M A MUSIC TEACHER FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!

So, summing up and going to bed- My podcasts are now all on PodOmatic and tomorrow I will create a nice link to them in the sidebar as James has on his site. I guess it will just have to be through there that I advertise them and not worry so much about iTunes right now. I can always call Apple I guess and have them help me over the phone. Even my tech guru of a husband couldn’t help me on this one and that’s saying a lot since he is essentially works for the government as a computer hacker.

*Sigh* Off to well deserved sleep now.

Blessings ~S


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