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Reflections from METOS 2010

Posted on 12 October 2010 by urbanmusiceducation.org

Today I virtually attended the first ever Music Education Technology Online Seminar (METOS) sponsored by Soundtree. I was happy that the registration process was so easy, but felt like an idiot when I went to log in to my first seminar with Dr. James Frankel and realized that the sessions were all in Eastern Standard Time and I was 2 hours late! Oh well, I missed the first two sessions, but I had a sub for the rest of the day, so I took my lunch at noon and continued with the 2pmEST session which was YouTube in the Music Classroom with Dr. Frankel. The session covered many things I had already known about YouTube– as you know I use it quite frequently with my students- but I appreciated learning about how to create private networks if I ever needed to, and how to make playlists.

Then a terrible thing happened… I started feeling sick at school- residual aches and pains from my weekend bout with the stomach flu! The good news is, I had my classes covered so I decided to leave and go to bed and continue with the last seminar when I got home. Technology is wonderful! I got home, put on my pj’s and continued with Amy Burns‘ session about using Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom. This session was great! Even though I missed some of the first parts of the session and the session was primarily about using SMARTboards (I have the WiiMote Whiteboard as you may know), I got a lot of neat lesson ideas and links that led me to several .notebook flies that people are sharing all over the web. I love the fact that educators can help educators with this free medium!

So I am looking forward to catching up with the seminars I missed on METOSonline.com. I also am excited for more Soundtree webinars and METOS 2011, and next year I will hopefully be well and on time!


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