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Blog Onward! Goals and aspirations for UrbanMusicEducation.org- Summer 2009

Posted on 04 June 2009 by urbanmusiceducation.org

Summer is finally here and I am anxious to have more time to do everything. It’s already been 2 days and I have washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, done 5 loads of dishes, scrapbooked for 6 hours and enrolled the kids in swim lessons and day camps. Now I can turn my attention back to blogging, which I have been steadily neglecting for months. I have high hopes of organizing the blog a little bit, at least the Harrington section, to include most of my kids recent GB works, and make it a little easier for them to access next year. I plan to do this using tables in a Word program and then pasting it into WordPress. We’ll see how that turns out. I’m also going to update my links and check for outdated ones. This seems to be a problem, esp in my keyboard webquest. I have had several emails discussing my nametags I use for assessment, so a blog posting on that is in order. Also, I need to really go back and look over the mission statement I wrote for the blog and see if I’m staying on track or if it needs a little tweaking.

June is a busy month. Our 10th wedding anniversary is on the 12th and we are going camping 2 weekends. I started an online second job with ChaCha as a Guide Specialist, but it’s puttering out. I have to answer 1000 questions by July 15th to get a good payout of $100, and I’m averaging 5-7 questions per day! Not worth my time anymore…. Oh well, so I lost $8.74 and worked my butt off for about 10 hours just to get that. It was a good lesson in learning where my priorities lie. Bible study, working on this blog, and scrapbooking the memories of my family will be a much better use of my time and energy, even of I’m not getting paid $2 and hour!

So those are my goals for the Summer of 2009. Spend more time with the girls, beef up the blog, scrapbook to my heart’s content, and work on making future memories for my family. Sounds great to me for now.

Thanks for reading. See you again soon.



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