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UPDATE: Jessica Ridgeway

Posted on 06 January 2013 by

I haven’t been on the blog lately and I suppose many of you can guess why. On October 15th, just 10 days after our sweet neighbor,  Jessica,  was abducted and her dismembered body was found in a local open space, Police in Westminster arrested a 17-year-old in connection with her murder. The Ridgeway family was understandably glad that someone had been arrested, but still in shock of the whole situation and our whole community is angry now that we have a face to put with this unthinkable crime.

Many of you have written notes of encouragement to my daughter and myself and I just want to say how appreciative of those we are. I have compiled a few links here for your browsing if you’d like to know more details about the ongoing investigation and memorials for Jessica, though little is being let out at this point. There is a preliminary hearing scheduled for Feb. and the media is fighting right now to have access to that trial.

In the coming semester, I plan to blog more about the goings on at work, but this whole personal situation has rocked my family life almost to a tipping point. There have been times I wanted to quit my job to do something else, but lately I just want to leave everything and stay home to protect my kids. I know that is unrealistic, but it is the day before we go back to school and I have little planned. My heart is not there, it’s here with my family and neighbors.

So, please continue to pray for my family, my neighbors and my community through this ordeal. It will be a long time until healing fully restores this community, but I know Justice for Jessica will be served.

Thanks for reading again. Here are the links:)

Jessica’s official website:

Some 9 news articles:


Facebook groups and pages:


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