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Thoughts about CMEA 2011

Posted on 31 January 2011 by

Well, I’m back home now and I spent a lot of time with my girls today- something I’ve been really missing since being down in the Springs for CMEA 2011 this past weekend. My presentation on “Infusing Technology into Orff Schulwerk” went really well, and despite a few PPT glitches and creating way to many slides (and being on the tail end of a head cold), I had good feedback and will look forward to being invited back to speak again. The presentation notes are here if you missed it or didn’t get a chance to get them. Here is  the Understanding_By_Design- Geometric_Composition_Project that I planned to demo- but didn’t get the chance due to time. More will be posted in my Documents section of this site by the end of the week I hope.

Here’s a brief recap of what I saw and liked this year. Thursday I wasn’t into seeing much of anything since I was so sick. I checked out some of Thom Borden‘s sessions (always a good time!) and enjoyed learning some new dances for little ones (though I didn’t participate since I didn’t want to hold hands with anyone!) I also went to meet and see my MusicPLN colleague, Marcy Cochran do a session on Interactive Whiteboards in the Music Classroom. I got some great new ideas to use with ActiveInspire and learned some neat new tricks for making things ‘magic’ with the software.It was good to reconnect with old colleagues and I had my first dinner- best fish and chips ever- at the Golden Bee, the Broadmoor’s must-see English-style pub.

The next day I slept past the first two sessions, and felt better. Rarely do I ever get to sleep in on a weekday and I savored the opportunity to spend and hour on my hair and makeup while enjoying a cup of coffee and taking my sweet time. No kids for a few days can really rejuvinate a tired and stressed music-teaching mom! The first session I attended on Friday was Barbara Grenoble. She is truly the Orff Guru. I really loved her ideas about classifying sounds using everyday objects. I really enjoyed seeing Susan Cicerello’s “Majestic Mallets” ensemble and it gave me a lot of ideas for my own little lunchtime music club that we started just before Christmas. I enjoyed meeting up with DPS collegues Friday night, but didn’t stay long since I had to present on Saturday and wanted an early start (and a chance to watch Fringe with NO distractions FOR ONCE!)

Saturday came early, and I was nervous-excited for my first session because it was ME! There were about 25 in attendance (maybe not even that) at 8am but they were all appreciative of what I had to present. I also took the time to see Jim Solomon Saturday and I had a lot of fun just jamming with recorder, guitar and drums. Jim’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for music is infectious! Overall I’m glad for the experience to take it easy and not wear out myself by going to everything. I am excited to start the week with kids and know that I am more energized and rejuvenated just by having a few days to focus only on myself. Thanks to everyone who wished me well and for those that spent the time to professionally and personally heal me this weekend. I appreciate this profession more than ever and know it is where God wants me to be.

~blessings, Sarah


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