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Additional thoughts on the Wiimote Whiteboard


Additional thoughts on the Wiimote Whiteboard

Posted on 01 June 2010 by

Finally summer time (yay!), and I have time to jot down a few end-of-the-year thoughts on the wiimote whiteboard that I have been using for the past few months. Since my last post on the subject, I had my $25 pen stolen by one of the kids- looked too much like a Sharpie I guess, which is a hot commodity for “artists” around these parts. So I went a few weeks without using the board, and I actually didn’t miss it too much. I was still projecting the charts and ppts up on the wall as usual, but sitting behind my computer to navigate and invite kids up to use the mouse. That worked fine. Then I made a plan and saved up enough to get the IR wand that I saw on What a difference!! The new wand has about ten times the sensitivity of the old pen and the length is nice, allowing me to reach all the way to the top of the screen. Hand PointersMust be the new AA batteries in it that are better than the 3 little watch batteries powering the former pen. I highly recommend the wand over the pen for use with this system!

So as I ventured into the end of the school year, we had fun playing some of the games on as well as some of the interactive games at TheMusicInteractive. It was a great review and kept the kids active and engaged! As a bonus treat, my new Noteworthy music rug came in just at the last week of school so we set it up, pushed the risers back and watched my favorite music related YouTube vids for our last day celebration. Overall, the wiimote whiteboard has been a good addition ot my room. I even turned down a Mimeo for next year because I don’t want to have to flip my room around again to utlize the regular whiteboard!

Here are a few considerations for next year that I am thinking about with this system:

*Purchase the longer wand from penteractive to allow younger kids to access the board- $40

*Purchase the telescoping ceiling mount for the wiimote so I don’t have to have it in the middle of the room on a stand where kid bump into it and mess up the calibration. Will still have to remember to put it on the charge every night, but it will be out of the way.-$30

*Purchase rechargeable batteries! -$20

* Considering using budget to buy installation of a ceiling mount for projector. – $100 + $600 district required installation I know this is expensive, but it would allow me more room for movement in the classroom since I wouldn’t need a cart and my docucam could be off to the side.


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