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Wiimote Whiteboard Pics

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Wiimote Whiteboard Pics

Posted on 21 March 2010 by

Here’s a few photos of the two arrangements in my room for the Wiimote Whiteboard(WW). First arrangement, up in the “front” of the room by the real whiteboard. My room is longer than it is wide, so I originally installed my projector screen on the little overhang on the side so I could have the projector cart up front with me and not in the middle where the kids sit. Pros: keep my current room arrangement, wiimote hides by the bulletin board in front and kids don’t mess with it. Cons: Screen moves when touched(swings back and forth) even though you don’t actually need to touch the screen to use WW, small kids cannot reach all parts of the screen(heck I was even having to stand on tiptoe to reach the very top!)


Here is arrangement #2, the one I am currently using. I completely flipped the room around and got rid of the music symbols wall in the back so I could have a blank surface. (Side note: Upon removal of sticky back velcro used to attach said symbols I damaged the drywall and it had to be spackled, sanded and repainted before I could project on it..oops!) I moved in the flipform risers and now have the kids sitting arena style facing the back wall.

Pros: Projecting on hard surface wall allows for better pen use, kids can go right up to the wall (some are still too short to reach the top, but I’m not having small kids use it anyway), more intimate setting, everyone can see the screen without looking sideways. Cons: Projector cart and wiimote must be right in the center of the room, otherwise the screen is too large for the wall surface, most of my kids can’t handle being on the flipform risers and they don’t all fit, so there are inevitably fights and arguments over who sits where (so I have had to start all over with rules and routines for sitting in music class and have given out twice as many discipline referrals for misbehavior due to the risers), not enough space for movement.



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