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No more Fliggo :(

Posted on 31 January 2010 by

Sadly, it looks like the days of safe video keeping are over as my Fliggo site has disappeared and has been replaced by I heard rumors through my Musick8 mailing list that this was about to happen, but it has been months since the supposed turnover was supposed to happen and my videos were still up. Logged on today, and it is all gone:(
So, I’m wondering now what is a music teacher to do? I need a safe way to collect and store my frequently watched videos in my classroom. YouTube has ads that are too risky and unpredictable to show to kids, and TeacherTube is too limited. Need to research Vidly some more to see what I can actually do with it. So, any suggestions readers? Now begins the grueling process of finding my “Musical Oddities” videos and re-collecting them somewhere…

ETA: FOUND A SOLUTION!! has a video collecting service similar to Fliggo and for only $25 per year I can hold up to 20 different video collections! (Perfect for different subject areas!) Check out my first collection at or click on the “Videos” page above and follow the link inside!


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