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9 reasons why I think ThreeRing is the ultimate App for online portfolios!

Posted on 12 February 2013 by


  1. Collect all student work digitally– it’s like an online file cabinet to capture student work for assessment, reflection, etc.
  2. Capture Audio and Video samples– Great for music room!
  3. Students have access with student code- no email required! They can view their work and reflect on it, while teacher’s comments remain private or you can select to have them shown.
  4. Can email portfolio to parents and they can view specific child’s work
  5. Quick assessment tool– no more taking papers home to grade! Just snap a photo of the work and send it home with the student THAT DAY!
  6. Setting up classes is easy– cut and paste class lists
  7. Can assign multiple students to one project– perfect for collaborative group work
  8. Can upload files from computer i.e. digital files (garage band, Finale)
  9. Can tag “posts” (Student work) with keywords to make searching easier

Check out this article to learn more about Three Ring.


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