“Pin-Lifting” Part Three: The Music Clouds

Posted on 23 August 2012 by urbanmusiceducation.org

Hi Folks,

Here again with another installment in the “Pin-lifting” series. Ok, so this one is not really a “Pin-Lift”, but rather just a featured Pin that I am linking to because its so very easy to do.  Inspired by this pin on Pinterest I simply clicked through to the website, downloaded the FREE PRINTABLE (always great!), and printed them in color, cut them out, and hung them up! Easy-Peasy!

There were some issues with the clouds not sticking to the suspended ceiling tiles, even though I tried using duct tape…so moving the ladder 11 times to put them up and 10 more times to take them down (one fell down!) was a trip, but I like their placement now, as my East wall needed some coverage. But, not just eye candy….oh, no…. I have plans to use these clouds to review concepts during those 5 minutes at the end of class when the teachers are always late to pick up their kids and we are waiting, or for good classes who rush through the content and need some extra enrichment.

So pop on over to Rhythm and Glues and give their Pin a Spin!

(ok that was cheesy I know… it’s 3 days from the start of school and I’m a little high strung right now! please forgive. :P)


2 Comments For This Post

  1. rhythmandglues Says:

    Cool! Glad you could use these! One teacher wrote and said she used velcro dots to hang her clouds to the ceiling. When she takes them down, the white spots blend in!

    I am just lazy…I couldn’t bring myself to expend the effort and climb a ladder that many times. :)

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Tenia Nelson Says:

    What a super rad idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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