“Pin-Lifting”: Part One- The Word Wall Makeover

Posted on 11 August 2012 by urbanmusiceducation.org

In the scrapbooking world, when someone borrows an idea from a layout and creates their own, it’s called “scraplifting”. It’s not really stealing; it is widely recognized practice among croppers. I have come to coin the phrase “Pin-lifting” to define borrowing ideas from the popular social collecting site  known as Pinterest. It still baffles me that some people out there have not heard of this terrific website, and like Facebook, there are days I don;t know how I ever lived without ti!. My summer has been filled with time to “pin” and my classroom this year will be a virtual world of pinned projects and ideas that I have “Pin-lifted” and re-created for the benefit of my students. So this begins the first installment in a series of Pin-lifted projects that I have been working on the past few months. Where applicable I will try to include a link to the ORIGINAL website and/or creator because it’s just good netiquette to do so and I would appreciate the same link-up for my ideas. “Share and share alike” seems to be the theme of Pinterest so I don’t think I am breaking any copyright rules, but if you find an idea that it not properly credited, just shoot me a message and I will happily take it down or change it. 

So here goes…The first makeover had to happen with my Word Wall. Though my previous word wall has been getting a lot of pins and compliments, it simply wasn’t being used effectively by my students. The main concern was the window writing, which at the time seemed a perfect solution to save paper and taping up all those little cards, but the alphabetical nature of the wall was unuseful, and the writing was getting harder and harder to read. I tried using the brightest chalk markers I could find, but then the  words just looked sloppy, and the kids were not interacting with the wall as I had wanted. So a change was in order and I took to Pinterest to solve the problem. When I happened upon THIS PIN I immediately thought of those Target dollar bin sentence strip holders and thought this could work. I really like the idea of organizing the words by Music Element and I had already made and laminated music element signs for my classroom. Then I happened upon a pin for PRINTING ON SENTENCE STRIPS and this sealed the deal for me. I went and bought the target sentence strip charts ($9) and some neon sentence strips at the teacher store, and stared printing. I began with the same words as the original poster, but then cross-referenced with my WORD WALL LIST to make sure I have everything that I usually teach. Some of the words did not fit into a category, but I printed them and saved them for my Alphabet Wall, which is another Pin-lift I will save for the next post. When all the words are on the charts, I think they look really nice; very visible and easy to read now. Pictures will be coming soon! I am still waiting for the acoustic panels to be installed in my classroom and will eventually install them there above my original windows so the kids will still have to look in the same general direction to find words. I am going to include much more writing in my lessons this year so I will have to post an update later to see if this is really working, but right now I am pleased. Stay tuned. I have about 5-6 projects in the works that are screaming for posts, but school begins in just 11 days so bear with me if it’s a slow series!



Until next  time… Happy Pinning!!


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