All Things Wiimote Whiteboard

I’m moving some information here so that others can more easily access the WEALTH of trial and error experience I have with the Wiimote Whiteboard. Consider this page to be a work in progress for the next several weeks as I update links and add troubleshooting tips. Thanks for reading!

My original posts on the subject:

The (Mis)adventures of WiiMote Whiteboard in the Music Room

Additional thoughts on the Wiimote Whiteboard

Wiimote Whiteboard Pics

Links you will want to check out before buying:

Ready to purchase the parts? Go to

Want a cheaper, homemade solution? Learn how to make your own pen for less than $5! This site also explains how to connect to bluetooth on a PC- something I wasn’t interested in since I’m a MAC, but you might be…

This should give you a good start… troubleshooting tips will be added in the next week or so (hopefully… I’m being evaluated this week and need my rest!!)


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